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Kurdistan academic leaders in Nottingham

21 Kurdistan University leaders visit United Kingdom in May 2006

Professor Dlawer Ala'Aldeen

Course coordinator
Nottingham, UK

Zaninonline.org: January 2006, P96-98

On Sunday, the 21st of May 2006, up to twenty one of Kurdistan's academic leaders will arrive in Nottingham to attend a two week training course on management of modern institutes of higher education. Delegates will include Presidents, Vice Presidents and/or Deans of Colleges from the Universities of Duhok, Salahaddin, Hewlér Medical, Suleimani, Kerkuk and Koya (See table below). This training course is the third of its kind organised by the University of Nottingham for Kurdistan University leaders. The first was in October 2004, attended by 17 Iraqis, including seven from Duhok, Salahaddin and Suleimani Universities (below). The course was very successful and the delegates found it useful and satisfactory. This lead to the second training course held in June 2005 and attended by nine delegates from Duhok, Salahaddin, Suleimani and Koya Universities. Again, the candidates provided encouraging feedback and recommended a re-run for others in Kurdistan in 2006.

This year, the course promises to be even more successful and for the first time it will be attended by almost all the current Presidents of Kurdistan Universities. The course programme consists of lectures, tutorials, visits and meetings with Nottingham's senior academic leaders. Importantly, each delegate will have the opportunity to visit Departments and Colleges of their interest. A major objective of the course is to help Kurdistan's academic leaders establish strong personal links and active channels of communications with their counterparts in UK. Importantly, the course will offer delegates the opportunity to establish networks among Kurds in Diaspora (in UK and elsewhere). Conversely, it provides UK-based professionals the opportunity to offer their support for the reconstruction of Kurdistan's Institutes of Higher Education.

The following are the lists of delegates from Kurdistan Universities for the training courses

2006: Delegates will attend the forthcoming training course from 21st May to 2nd June

Dohuk University
  • Dr. Asmat M. Khalid, President of Dohuk University
  • Dr. Hassan Al-Mezori, Vice- President for Scientific Affairs
  • Dr. Luis C. Bender, Dean of Basic Education.
  • Dr. Khalil Ghazi Hassan, Dean of Admin and Economics
Salahaddin University
  • Dr. Mohammad Sadik, President of Salahaddin University
  • Dr. Kamal Hamad Amin Younis, Dean of Engineering
  • Dr. Sa'ad Suleivany, Dean of Postgraduate studies
  • Dr. Ali Mahmood Jokil, Dean of Languages
  • Dr. Salam H. Taha, Dean of Arts
Hewlér Medical University
  • Dr. Abdul-Rahman Rassul Abdulla, Vice President for Scientific Affairs
  • Dr. Farhad Jalil Khayat, Dean of Medicine
  • Dr. Ja'afar Hamad Qadir, Dean of Dentistry
Suleimani University
  • Dr. Ali Saeed Mohammad, President of Suleimani University
  • Dr. Khasraw A. Ali, Dean of Veterinary Medicine
  • Dr. Dler A. Mohammed, Dean of Languages
Koya University
  • Dr. Khidir Hawrami, President of Koya University
  • Dr. Nazm Hasan Salih, Dean of Information Technology
  • Dr. Ahmed Aras, Dean of the College of Agriculture
Kerkuk University
  • Dr. Hussian H. Omar, President of Kirkuk University
  • Dr. karim N. Khdhir, Dean of Education College
  • Dr. Bahram KH. Mohammad, Dean of the college of Agriculture

2005: Delegates attended the course of 1-10 June

Duhok University
  • Dr. Mohammad salih Zebari, Dean of Arts
  • Dr. Ali Flaih Hessan, Dean of Engineering
  • Prof. Odeat Essi, Dean of Physical Education
Salahaddin University
  • Dr. Nadhum Jalal Ismaiel, Vice-President for Scientific Affairs
  • Dr. Kafia Mawlood Shareef , Dean of Nursing
  • Mrs. Jwan Jalal Sharif, Director of Central Admissions of Kurdistan Region
Suleimani University
  • Dr. Aras Aziz Abdulla, Dean of Medicine
  • Dr. Azad Hama Ahmed, Dean of Technology
Koya University
  • Dr. Ali Mahmood Asad, Dean of Engineering

2004: Delegates attended the course of 3-16 October

Duhok University
  • Dr. Lazgin Abdi Jamil, Dean of Science
  • Dr. Mohammad Ahmad Ramadan, Dean of Law
Salahaddin University
  • Dr. Shamal Mohammed Mochtar, Vice President
  • Dr. Govand Hussien Shrwani, Dean of Science
  • Dr. Kamal Mustafa, Dean of Pharmacy
Suleimani University
  • Dr. Nazer Amin, Vice President
  • Dr. Fereydun Katfan, Deputy Dean of Medicine

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